Step 1 - Measuring Feet

The shoe-dog adage "greet, seat and measure feet" applies loosely here. Measuring feet is the first order of business for a perfect CaddyFit™.

However, you won't be sitting, you'll be standing up through most of this process. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, when we stand our arch flattens out (some more than others), elongating both foot length and arch length measurements.

Also, by standing, we can more easily trace a perpendicular outline of our feet. It's OK to have a friend help you with this if you chose, but it's simple to do yourself too.

brannock device

Before you start measuring feet you will need...

  • your golf socks

  • a pencil or pen

  • a couple of pieces of paper
    (8.5 x 11 is fine)
  • a straightedge

  • a ruler or tape measure

  • some tape and

  • a hard floor.

Since my Brannock device® and I are not there to help, you'll be measuring feet by first tracing an outline of both feet on paper.

Got your socks on? Let's begin...

Important: Make sure to trace and measure both feet. They will be different.

Tape your paper to the floor so it won't move when you stand on it. With your golf socks on, stand on the paper with toes pointing diagonally to one corner, heel to the other.

With your pen or pencil, gently trace the outline of your foot. Take care to trace straight up and down, not allowing your pen to dip in under your foot. Your pen should be fairly snug to your foot when tracing.

When you're done, it should look like this:

foot trace

Repeat tracing the other foot.

Foot Length

To find foot length when measuring feet, using your straightedge, draw a line lengthwise from the base of the heel (that's the lowest part of the curve) up through the toes and beyond about an inch.

This will be your "base line" and you'll use it to find foot length, arch length and width in inches when measuring feet.

Next, take your straightedge and draw your toe line (see diagram below) across the top of your longest toe. Some of you will find that it's your second toe not your big toe that's the longest.

foot measure diagram

With your ruler or tape measure, measure the base line from where it intersects the toe line down to the bottom of the heel. Repeat for other foot. Jot your measurements down on each sheet.

This is your foot length.

Arch Length

Measuring arch length is often overlooked. However, this is a critical measurement when fitting shoes, not just golf shoes.

This is also known as the "heel to ball" measurement (see glossary). It will determine at what point your foot naturally flexes. We want to match up where your foot flexes to where the shoe flexes, so knowing this information is crucial to customizing the fit of your golf shoes.

At the widest point of your tracing, or at the ball of your foot, draw a line at right angles from one side through to the other. This is your width line.

With your ruler or tape measure, measure from the intersection of the base line and width line down to the bottom curve of the heel. Do the other foot and write your findings on each sheet.

You now have your arch length for both feet.


Finding your width is now a simple matter of measuring your previously drawn width line. Write your measurements down for both feet.

You now have 3 measurements in inches for each foot. Keep in mind that when referring to the shoe size conversion chart in Step 3, you will be using your larger foot to find your shoe size.

Size will also be found based on the larger of these two; foot length vs. arch length.

Proceed to Step 2 - Foot Type to determine overall foot volume, instep height and arch type.

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